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Kings and Credits

 “You must have brain parasites.”

“I assure you, I don’t.  That’s a fair price.”

“It sure as hell isn’t.”

Henry was watching the traveler arguing with the shop keep.  She was a comely woman with long blonde hair and glasses.

“200 credits for a fuel cell?  How the hell is that fair?  I paid 150 on the last world and even that was high.  Plus, they had a war going on so demand was high.  What’s your excuse?”

“It’s the King’s fault!”

The woman smiled and raised her eyebrows.

“That right?”

Henry was glad that he had spent years learning how to act.  His advisors thought it foolish.  However, it was an incredibly useful skill that served him well during his excursions into the cities.

“It sure is.  He taxes me left and right and grows fatter by the day.  It’s criminal it is.”

Henry touched his stomach.  He might have put on a pound or two but he certainly wasn’t gaining that much weight was he?  He would have to increase his weekly training.  Another day per week would be necessary.  Image sadly was still important.

His gut did not show through the holo-putty of course.  He simply looked like an average man of average weight with no real distinguishing features.  The perfect disguise to blend into almost any scene.

“Why don’t you overthrow him then?  That’s what usually happens with Kings after all.”

Henry did not like where this conversation was going.  It wasn’t the first time he had heard the idea today.  He doubted it would be the last and that though worried him.  He decided it was time to speak up.  It could be dangerous but with the voice changer activated the chances of someone figuring out his true identity was very low.  Sometimes risk was part of ruling.

“Doesn’t that seem rather extreme?  He isn’t that bad” Henry said with a voice not his own. 

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